Tournament Rules
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(a) All tournament participants will register for the tournament by completing a tournament registration form on the day of the tournament. Region members may elect to pay their entry fees in cash, by check or via PayPal. If PayPal is used, this payment must be completed prior to Mid-Night on the Friday prior to the tournament. Members are encouraged to bring proof of that payment to the registration.

(b) Region Tournament entry fee is: $100.00 per team. This fee includes the Big Fish of the Tournament and the Club Challenge fees.

(c) Registration will begin no less than 90 minutes prior to sunrise/ safe light and will end 15 minutes prior to launch. Members who are present prior to the 15 minute cutoff but who have not registered will be allowed to complete their registration.

(d) All boat livewells will be checked as a part of the registration process.

(e) Boat launch assignment will follow the following procedures:
(1) Teams that have registered and paid early via the Region’s PayPal account will receive launch numbers based on the order their registrations were received.
(2) Teams that have paid for the full season in advance will receive launch number based on the order their registrations and payments were received
(3) Teams that are registering on the morning of the tournament will receive their launch number by draw format. Numbers in the draw will start after the numbers reserved for prepaid region members.
Boat launch flight assignments will be issued on the day of the tournament. This region will use a flight system for launch and recovery based on 30 boats per flight. The start will be continuous with 15 minutes between flights staggered return time. For example, all boats will begin to launch at 6:30 am and the first flight (boats 1-30) is due in at 2:30 p.m., second flight (boats 31-60) is due in at 2:45 p.m., third flight (boats 61-90) is due in at 3:00 p.m.

(f) All region tournaments will be supervised by two region officers. One officer will launch first and will return no later than 10 minutes prior to the end of the tournament to begin the set-up of the weigh-in site at the conclusion of the tournament. The other officer will launch last and will launch all participants in the tournament. 

(g) The two host club members identified to assist with the weigh-in will launch second (and third, if applicable) and will return no later than 10 minutes prior to the end of the tournament to begin the set-up of the weigh-in site at the conclusion of the tournament.

(h) Tournament place pay back will be based solely on the official Region 6 Payout Schedule. (see Annex #1)

(a) All Region 6 tournaments will be held in a team format. A team may consist of up to two anglers fishing out of the one boat. Region members may elect to fish as a one-angler team.

(b) Region members do not have to fish with the same partner for all region tournaments.

(c) No co-angler member of the region will be left on the bank when a single angler team is available. All efforts will be made to pair the co-angler with a boater from his/ her own club. If not possible, the co-angler will be paired with another available one-angler team in the region. If more than one single-angler teams are available, the co-angler will be paired by blind draw executed by the tournament director or his/ her designee.

(d) If a one-angler team refuses to accept a co-angler, he/ she will not be allowed to fish the tournament and a Board of Directors meeting will be held at the conclusion of the tournament and weigh-in to address the refusal.

(e) There is a five (5) fish limit per team per tournament. Angler(s) must start culling when you reach your limit.  Anyone who possesses more than 5 fish in their livewell will have their catch disqualified.

(f) Only artificial lures may be used. No "live bait" or "prepared bait" will be permitted during any tournament, with the exception of pork strips, rinds, etc.

(g) Only one (1) rod per angler may be used at a time.

(h) The minimum size for a legal tournament fish is 12 inches or larger. On bodies of water with a slot limit, the minimum length will be determined by the longest state limit covering the tournament waters.  The only exception will be on bodies of water where there is a two fish of 12 to 14 inches and three fish over 14 inches.  At these bodies of waters, state rules will be adopted as the tournament rule. The Tournament Director will determine the official length of fish presented at weigh-in, if in question. All measurements are final. Fish length shall be determined by state regulations

(i) The Tournament Director (or his/her designee) shall decide and announce all weights during all weigh-ins. This determination is final. Whenever possible, the scales will be set to measure weight in in pounds and 1/100 of a pound (e.g. 6.71 lbs instead of 6 lbs, 11 ounces) 

(j) Only largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky spotted bass will be allowed to be weighed in.

(k) An angler(s) who brings in an illegal fish, (a fish that does not meet the minimum length requirements), will lose the illegal fish plus a one pound penalty per illegal fish brought to the scales.

(l) All tournament waters are open to any angler fishing a VA B.A.S.S. Nation Region 6 tournament with the exception of:
(1) Any state, federal or otherwise legally posted waters.
(2) Any waters not accessible by all anglers entered into the tournament.
(3) Any water declared off-limits by the Tournament Director (or his/ her designee) during the pre-launch/ pre-blast-off announcements.

(m) There will be no culling or measuring of fish once your boat has been checked in by check in boat. In the absence of a check-in boat, culling is not permitted within 50 yards of the ramp that was used for the tournament. The only exception is when an angler(s) is fishing near the ramp in legal waters and catches a fish during the regular tournament day. There will be no culling of any type after the end of the official tournament hours. 

(n) All protest must be made within 15 minutes after the scales have closed and must be presented to the Tournament Director in writing. Protest forms may be obtained from the tournament director, treasurer or the protest may be presented on paper provided by the angler(s). The final disposition of the protest will be decided by the Board of Directors.

(o) Angler(s) are allowed to trailer their boat to the weigh-in. However, trailering of boats can only occur at the official tournament/ launch site in order for the angler’s catch to be allowed.

(p) Angler(s) returning to the ramp late will be assessed a late penalty of one (1) pound per minute; up to the 14 pounds (14 minutes). After 15 minutes, the angler(s) will be disqualified. The official time for the tournament is determined by the Tournament Director based on either GPS time or cellular telephone time.

(q)  Trolling is not allowed during a tournament as a means of fishing.

(r) Each boat operator is responsible for the wake of their boat.

(s) No fishing within 50 yards of an anchored boat. A boat is considered anchored if it is not moving and the trolling (electric positioning) motor is out of the water and a rope and anchor or other device is deployed and holding the boat in its non-moving position. 

(t) If a tournament participant leaves a tournament early, they are required to contact a region member before leaving.

(u) All fish presented for weigh-in will be brought to the scales in bags provided by the region tournament committee. Any fish brought to the scales in any other bags will be disqualified.

(v)  In the event of a breakdown, your catch will be allowed if brought to the scales by another competitor’s boat before the scheduled tournament end time.

(w) Once checked in at the end of the tournament day, the angler’s fishing day is considered over. Any angler(s) returning to the tournament waters with their catch prior to being weighed by tournament officials will have their catch for that day disqualified and their catch will not be weighed. This includes the weighing of the fish for club purposes or per the individual angler’s request. 

(x) Anglers will proceed immediately to the scales to have their fish weighed. The scales will not be held open for any angler(s). Once the scales have been closed, they will not be reopened to weigh the fish of [a] competitor(s) who was out on the water or in the parking lot but failed to report immediately to the scales. In such a case, the catch of the late reporting competitor(s) will be disqualified.

(y) Once in the water, anglers are not allowed to trailer their boat then re-enter the tournament waters for the purpose of fishing. Once trailered, the angler’s fishing day is considered over. Any angler(s) violating provisions of this paragraph will immediately be disqualified and their catch for the day will not be weighed. This paragraph does not prevent angler(s) who launch at the official launch location from trailering their boat early and waiting at the official tournament location for the weigh-in. Angler(s) choosing to end their day early must notify a region officer or member of the tournament committee. An angler(s) who launch at a remote location is not permitted to remove their boat from the tournament water and trailer to the weigh-in by any state roadway; e.g. the region tournament official launch site is the Morning Star Marina on Lake Gaston. An angler launches at Popular Creek Public Ramp and meets the region on the water at the marina for the official tournament start. The angler cannot remove his boat from the tournament waters at the end of his/ her day and transport their fish to the weigh-in by driving around to the marina.

8.5- SAFETY 
(a) All angler(s) must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket/ personal floatation device while the boat is under the power of the outboard engine. Under power is defined as the outboard motor is in gear.

(b) All boats used in region tournaments must meet the following requirements:
(1) minimum length of 16 feet
(2) minimum of 75 HP outboard motor
(3) steering wheel control system
(4) an installed and operational livewell system capable of holding and sustaining five (5) fish. A cooler with aeration will not be the primary livewell system on a tournament boat.
(5) a functional device, known as a kill switch, which will terminate the operation of the primary propulsion engine when the operator leaves the controls. The kill switch shall be attached to the operator whenever the engine is in operation (and in gear).
(6) a functional power operated pumping device, which will effectively remove water from the boat and in a manner acceptable to the Tournament Committee
(7) functioning running lights for low light conditions.

(c) All posted NO WAKE zones on the tournament waters MUST BE ADHERDED TO. Violators will be disqualified for that day’s competition.

(d) Running lights must be used during all low light conditions. Angler(s) are encouraged to use the bow light (red/green) light at all times while operating the primary motor.

(e) No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances will be allowed during tournament hours and in weigh in area until after the scales have been closed by tournament director.  Violation of this rule will constitute an immediate disqualification.  If this rule is violated more than once, it will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for whatever action is deemed appropriate. An angler’s membership in Region 6 could be revoked.

(f) All state and local laws, rules and regulations will be the final law. Anyone receiving a summons for a violation by a state or local law enforcement official during the tournament hours will be disqualified after a review of tournament officials. All decisions are final.

(a) All fish must be kept in an appropriate livewell system to keep the fish alive.  Any fish presented for weigh-in, which are judged to be dead, will result in an 8-ounce penalty for each dead fish. The penalty deducted from the total weight of fish unless the dead fish is the potential big fish of the tournament and/ or year. In that case that fish will have the 8-ounce penalty deducted from its weight and the reduced weight will be to determine the big fish. The Tournament Director will have final say as to whether fish are alive or not if a dispute should arise.

(b) No culling of dead fish will be allowed

(a) All tournaments are based on a 200-point system.

(b) Individual points will be awarded by first place receiving 200 points, second place 198, third 196, fourth 194, fifth 192. Sixth place and beyond will separated
by one (1) point beginning with 190 points until all positions have been exhausted.

(c) Angler(s) who has paid their entry fee and participated in the tournament but did not weigh in any fish will receive 50 points.

(d) All anglers who fish all of the Region 6 tournaments held during the tournament season will receive 100 bonus points that will be added to their end of the year score and this will constitute their final score.

Tie breakers will be broke by the weight of the largest fish weighed in.  If there is no big fish weight recorded, the most fish weighed in will determine the tie breaker.  If there is still a tie it will be determined by the flip of a coin.

Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament director (through consultation with the Board of Directors). In the event of a rule violation, the tournament director and/or Board of Directors may impose such sanctions, as deemed appropriate, including but not limited to, disqualification, forfeiture of prizes, forfeiture of entry fee and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments. The decision of the tournament director or the Board of Directors shall be final in all matters. Protests for any rule infraction must be made in writing within 15 minutes of the official announcement, “the scales are now closed”.
(a) Every region members agrees to report any tournament rule infraction to the tournament director.

(b) Failure to report to the tournament director any tournament rules infractions or false reporting of tournament rules infractions will be cause for being disqualified.

(c) Rules infractions will result in penalties that may include
(1) Loss of weight for the day of the rules infraction.
(2) Disqualification from the event.
(3) Disqualification from future Region 6 events for a period of time up to a lifetime disqualification

These rules are an abbreviation of the Region 6 By-Laws